Sunday, June 13, 2010

Love this kid!

This evening we went for a little walk through the neighborhood.  About half way through, Landon decided he had had enough of sitting in the stroller while Brooklyn peddled along on her bike and Brayden was scooting along on his scooter.  So, Billy got our little guy out to let him walk.  Unfortunately, like most 18 months old do, he dwaddled along really slowly, stopping at each crack or stick on the sidewalk.  Billy and I both walked ahead of him urging him to come along.  Brayden, however, stayed behind him, walking slowly.
I told Brayden to go around him so Landon would maybe hurry up and try to keep up with each other.  Brayden told me that he needed to stay behind Landon because he had a bad feeling about leaving him.  I told Brayden that it was okay, that I was watching him. 
Brayden then told me, "No, Mom, I have a bad feeling, and I would rather it happen to me than to Landon."
He then proceeded to tell me that he loved Landon the most.
Wow, this kid that has been driving me crazy with all his complaining about the smallest things, this kid that never seems to hear me until I've said the same thing at least 10 times over, this kid- he amazes me with his love.

McCall Tradition

We were able to spend the weekend with Billy's parents in McCall.  It was kind of a tradition for Billy's family to go up when he was a kid and his grandparent's had the condo for the week.  We are glad to continue that tradition now that his parents are grandma and grandpa.  We wouldn't want them to get too used to all that peace and quiet in the mountains!
We took the kids and cousin Livi for a short walk to the lake.  Of course we had to climb on top of the "BIG ROCK"
and I love this picture of Billy.  Too bad the lighting is off- thank goodness for photoshop!
Aren't we cute?
And lest you think it was all fun and excitement....