Sunday, July 10, 2011

Even more fun

Because Billy doesn't have a lot of time during his busy season, we make sure to make those moments count when he is able to.  We grabbed the earplugs and dropped off Landon at my sister's.  (Poor guy, I'm just realizing that he missed out on the really fun things we did, but this went really late and was really loud)  Off to the Monster truck show we went!  
March 2011
 Brayden really did have fun, he was just annoyed that I was making him pose for pictures when he just wanted to watch the show.  

Brooklyn was just "glowing" with excitement.  I really miss my nice camera *sigh*
The earplugs we bought didn't really stay in their little ears very well, but I think they helped.  Brooklyn loved the dog car.  Brayden loved the transformer car that shot out fire.  

Squeezing in a little fun....

Despite Billy being super busy during tax season- and I mean SUPER BUSY- he managed to squeeze in some quality time with the kids.  I swapped Landon for my niece Maren so Landon could get a nap in and so I could enjoy the afternoon.  We met up with Billy at his work and walked across the plaza to the Qwest Arena to watch the Globetrotters.  I remember seeing them when I was a little kid, so I was really excited to take the kids.  We got to use Billy's work suite seats, which I love.  We have our own bathroom, a pull down bed- which the kids think is super cool, a tv. etc.  It makes everything much easier with the kids.
Check out the shorts!  Brooklyn loved the Globetrotter mascot guy.  She thought he was hilarious! 
 Yay!  Dad time!
 The girls!  They had even more fun because they were together. 

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Little Dancer

The end of January, Brooklyn joined the Centennial high dance team for their dance clinic.  She had been taking dance a few months before, but her dance teacher quit a few weeks after starting her dance classes- agh (but that would be a whole other post that I won't get into) :)  She loved dancing and was very excited for the performance.  She is much more coordinated than her momma.  They performed to Toy Story's "You've got a friend in me" and she loved listening to it and practicing.  
 Lining up this many 4 year olds proved a little difficult, but thanks to the arm spread they figured it out.
 There she is in the middle back.  
 Brooklyn with her very patient dance instructors.
and a really bad video of the very end... but isn't she adorable?!

Along with getting baptized when he turned 8, Brayden also got to join our church's cub scout troop.  He was very excited.  He got right into the swing of things and earned his bobcat badge for his first pack meeting.  He's got awesome leaders and a really great bunch of kids in his troop.  
Saying the scout oath.
 Brayden with his fellow badge earners...
Getting my first pin!
 So proud of you Brayden!!!!!!

Christmas in July- almost

So, this is major blog catching up!  This winter we had a few good snow days.  Brooklyn took advantage of it  by practicing writing her name.  I love how she makes her letter "R"s.  
She then got the neighbor boy to write his name too.  I really wanted to go out there and put a big heart around their names, but I don't think they would have appreciated it.