Thursday, September 30, 2010

Ice Cold Lemonade

A few weeks ago, Brayden had a smart idea on how to earn a little extra cash -one that did not include doing extra chores for his mother.  Lemonade. Luckily for him, the neighbor kids all pitched in and all the parents kindly bought some lemonade.  They had a lot of fun flagging down cars, riding scooters around, and of course drinking most of the lemonade.  Of course, when you have to split your earnings a few ways, it might just be easier to do chores for your mom!

Dancing Princess

 Brooklyn has started dancing classes.  She is so cute in her little leotard and I made her a ballet skirt out of leftover fabric from her Aunt Lexie's dance costume.   She loves to come home and show me all the new tricks that she has learned.  I hope she takes after her Aunt Lexie and not me when it comes to dancing skills! Can't wait to attend her little recital in a few months.  And yeah, I'm maybe a little more excited about it than she is. 

Floating Shelves by Handy Billy

Our $1 Floating Shelves!

Billy found a plan online on building floating shelves so Brayden would have a place to display all his Lego creations and his Star Wars ships.  We started by going to the ReStore (a place that sells donated building supplies -new and used- and picked up a set of folding closet doors for $1.  Painted them black with paint we already had. 
 Billy made some braces and drilled them into the wall.  His were even better than the plan's.  We cut the doors down and they slid right onto the brackets- well almost, we may have had to do a little sanding on the brace.... It would just be wrong if our projects worked out perfectly the first time ha ha!


Now we just need to fill them with all those cool "boy" things Brayden has waiting to show off!