Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Brayden's school does a "mini-marathon" each year.  During recess, some of the kids choose to run.  For each lap they do, they earn a punch on their cards.  Brayden ran 27.2 miles!!!!  He earned a cool medal and certificate. We were so proud of him.

I forgot how long his hair was!  He decided last spring that he wanted to grow it out until school let out.  

2nd Grade Production

Other than saying how awesome Brayden's 2nd grade program was, I'll just let these pictures speak for themselves.

 He's in the 2nd row in the middle.  

June 2011

33? Say what?

It feels really weird posting about my birthday in the winter..but I.will.get.caught.up!  
So, I turned 33.  
Spent the day with my kids.
Got to wear a crown.
Perfect day.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Brooklyn's Preschool Graduation May 2011

Brooklyn loved Mrs. B's preschool.  Mrs. Broadhead was wonderful.  She has been a friend of mine for many years, so I was so excited when she told me she was going to start an in-home preschool.  Brooklyn had some friends from church when she started, but quickly made friends with all the rest of the kids.  She is a very loving and happy girl.  She was so excited to come home and tell me about her day, unlike her brother when he was her age.  She learned a lot and was so ready for kindergarten.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Pinewood derby

With scouts comes the delightful pinewood derby.  I was really excited for it. I remember going to my brother's when I was little and being so jealous that I didn't get to make a car.  This time around, I was more than happy to let Billy take the reins and help Brayden.  Brayden gave it an "interesting" paint job.  It was a little thick :)  They had a lot of fun despite the fact that the pre-cut axle slot things were less than strait.  I think they came in 3rd place (or something close to that).  
 Brayden's request for it to be a lightning bolt.

 They ended up having to add a ton of weights to it!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Spring Soccer

Last spring, we decided to try out a different soccer league that is really close to our house.  Besides a bumpy start with our team not having a coach.... it was a good season.  Brayden did great and really made a lot of progress.  He is getting more aggresive on the field.  He was really excited when tax season was over and he got to have his dad as the assistant coach.  

 With Billy coaching, sometimes I have to get creative to keep the kids entertained.  This game, we took lots of silly pictures.  The kids really enjoyed being behind the camera as well as in front!  

We are so proud of you Brayden for working hard and being such a good kid on and off the field!


Almost every spring we go up to McCall with Billy's parents to their time share.  It is so nice of them to invite us (or do we invite ourselves?)  This time the weather seemed a bit warmer than normal.  We even enjoyed a nice few sunny hours playing in the sand by the lake.  Billy and the kids dug a huge hole.  They would fill it up with water, break down one side, and try to get the water to funnel down their trenches until it made it down to the lake.  It took a few tries, but finally they got it.  We enjoy the relaxing down time we have whenever we go.

Even though this picture is a little blurry, it is one of my all time favorites.  

Backyard fun

With the warmer weather came bare feet in the grass,
 playing with cousins...
 in the sandbox,
 and playing with neighbors in the backyard!

Spring 2011

All dressed up...

All dressed up and actually somewhere to go!
I borrowed my sister's dress (thanks Ang) and got super cute new shoes to go to the Boise State fundraiser auction.  Billy's work sponsored (or whatever you call it) a table, so we got to go with some co-workers and friends.  We enjoyed a delicious dinner and enjoyed watching people spend a LOT of money in support of our Broncos.  We almost won the vacation to Hawaii- well, maybe if we had bid on anything.  ha ha.  Billy's boss did win the auction for a puppy that was there, so that made for an interesting night.  Go Broncos!

Easter 2011

Easter 2011  
Apparently I don't wash my kids' faces.  Good thing they still look cute.

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

End of tax season party!

For the end of tax season last April we took the kids to Wahooz for a night of family fun.  We did it all....
 Landon pretty much just carried his club around and threw the ball...
 Brayden enjoyed all the elements of the course...
 and Brooklyn just had a ball chasing after her ball...
and all the kids enjoyed having their dad around!
 Brooklyn REALLY wanted to ride the boats...
 happy girls...

enjoying the track and later enjoying dinner...
 and a few more rides!