Thursday, June 25, 2009

Lagoon Part 1

It seems like everyone we know has headed down to Lagoon these past few weeks! Here is a short review of our trip. We left late Thursday, making sure our house was "show" ready just in case anyone wanted to look at it. We arrived to the hotel in Ogden past midnight. I was afraid our kids would be monsters when we woke them up, but they were so cute and excited. Brayden quickly fell asleep. Landon layed on our bed and smiled while I got things ready and Billy brought in the bags. Brooklyn was so excited. She kept climbing in and out. Finally, we all were in bed, Landon back to sleep, Billy and I drifting off.... when Billy felt breathing on his face. There was Brooklyn, standing right next to our bed with a big grin on her face. It was hilarious. The next morning, Billy went and worked out- and the kids did their own work out program- jumping on the beds. I'm sure Mr. Marriott didn't appreciate it, but hey, they had fun.

We met up with a bunch of my fam at Lagoon. My mom was so excited to have all her grandkids there. She was nice and watched them while we went on the big rides. Landon spent that day at his aunt Sara Smith's house (thanks Sara) and played with cousin Macey. I found out that Brooklyn shares my love of rollercoasters as she tried out her first one ever. It was not even a kiddie ride! She was laughing so hard, I about died. The video is sideways, but it is hilarious.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Frohe Geberstag

Happy Birthday to Me! I can't believe I'm now REALLY into my 30's! Can time really be flying that fast?? Billy and me and the kids went out to dinner for my b-day.

Then we went home for cake and ice cream- and not just any cake- A "Charise" cake- Billy ordered one from her business, A Frosted Cherry, and it was awesome! Not only was it soooo cute- it was amazing to eat. If you have an event coming up, give her a call!
and of course we were out of candles, so I had to blow out a match- from a matchbook. no less!
My cute sister Angie and my little Landon. She is having a BOY and I'm so excited for her!Me and my super great friend Holly!My niece, Maren, got me this delicious pineapple! Yum, I never buy these fresh, but the kids and I ate it up fast. I think I have a new favorite fruit.Me and my 3 amigos!
And of course, how I really feel when trying to get pictures with all three kids together!
Thanks everyone for making my birthday so great. I appreciated the calls, emails, cards etc! And Billy, it might not have been the "best birthday ever", but you made it a good one!

Can you hear me now?

I love my goofy goofy silly silly cutie patootie kids!

Soccer Season

Brayden had another great season of YMCA soccer this spring. He has really gotten so much better, and it has been great to see him surpass the goals that he set for himself. In January, we each set 3 goals for ourselves, and one of his was to get 2 goals (double what he got last year) this season. Well, he did that in one game!!!! He had a great coach and great teammates. After the last game, we had a little picnic party where their coach gave them water gun "trophies." Much better than those kind that collect dust on a shelf. Great job Brayden!!!!

He had a great cheering section for his last game! Thanks Grandma, Ryan and Tess for coming!