Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone!!! If you didn't get a card in the mail, I apologize. I did my cards in shifts and couldn't find who I had sent to or not- so hopefully no one got duplicates. And if you didn't get one, here is a digital version!
This year was great for our family. A few highlights
-We survived another tax season with a newborn. Thankfully Landon was a super sweet and easy baby.
-We sold our house that we had lived in for 8 years.
-We got to live with Billy's parents for about 2 months in between houses. They were so gracious with all five of us invading their space. The kids especially loved it. I loved taking turns making dinner!
-We bought a new house in the next neighborhood over from our old one and got to stay in the same ward and school.
-Billy was called as a nursery leader after bragging about his sweet calling as Assistant Stake Athletic Director. The Lord must have felt I needed to work on my organization skills as I am the RS Secretary at church.
-Brayden started first grade and decided it's not fair that he has to go all day while his siblings are home with me. He is doing great and recently was given the citizenship award at a special assembly.
-Brooklyn is attending a preschool co-op with our friends. She loves it and is very social. She loves playing with her animals and pretending to be a dog.
-Billy coached Brayden's soccer and b-ball teams. Brayden thought it was the coolest thing ever to have his dad as coach.
-Landon has gotten nearly all of his teeth, LOVES to eat, and to follow his siblings by army crawling all over.
-I have had fun getting the house put together, planning little projects and "someday" projects that we will eventually get to...someday. I love staying home with the kids each day, although I feel like I never get anything done. Life is good!
Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Last night for family home evening, we went to the store to get gifts for the kids' cousins. As we wandered down the isles, the "I want this" and "Mom, buy me that" made me feel a bit hopeless about my children really getting the true meaning of Christmas. We've been trying to teach them about service and giving to others, having them put coins in the red Salvation Army buckets, writing down our service for others, putting little yellow yarn pieces (straw) in a manger as we do secret service for our family members. However, all that "wanting" made me feel that the message just wasn't getting across. Perhaps all my questions of "what do you want for Christmas?" didn't help matters.

However, as we were getting ready to leave Brayden said, "Dad, there's ten bucks." Billy thinking he was talking about a toy costing ten dollars agreed. "No, Dad, There is ten bucks on the ground."
We picked it up and asked everyone around us if they had dropped it. Several people smiled, said no, and told Brayden it must be his lucky day. While Billy went to pay for our items, we waited there and asked around a little more. Then I told Brayden we needed to check customer service to see if anyone had lost it, and if not he could keep it.
Well, when we got to customer service, they lady told us they would keep it and see if anyone claimed it. Of course, I could just see some employee buying their dinner with it, so I asked, "Can you take our number, and if no one claims it, give us a call?"
"Well," she said, "if no one claims it, we donate it to charity. It is up to you if you want to turn it in or not."
I decided I would leave it up to Brayden, so I asked him what he wanted to do. His reply stopped me in my tracks. "Charity is the most important," and with that, he handed the ten dollars to the lady.
I was so proud of him. As we were walking out of the store, I was filling Billy in on what had happened. A woman came up behind us and asked Brayden if he was the little boy that had turned in the ten dollars. He said yes, then she proceeded to tell us that she had lost it and she appreciated him turning it in. Then, to make the ending even more perfect, she handed him two dollars. He was glowing with the knowledge he had done the right thing, and he now had two dollars to top it off!
Our lesson that night is one that I will always remember, "Charity is the most important!" Thank you Brayden for your very fine example. I love you!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Great Grandkids

Here is Billy's grandma with all of her "Smith" great-grandkids. It was a bit of a feat getting them to all stay half-way still long enough to get a picture.
Grammie loves her kiddos and is always willing to babysit them and play with them. She spoils them rotten!

Momma Mia

We-the kids and I- went home for my Mom's birthday! We hadn't been back there for quite a while, and it was so fun- shopping, eating, talking, eating etc....

Five things I love about my mom

1. She has a very similar sense of humor as me (hence the wrapping paper hat I made her wear), so she actually laughs at what I say!
2. She works hard- seriously, I don't know of anyone that has a stronger work ethic than she does. If only I had inherited that, I might get stuff done.
3. She is so cute! She has always looked a lot younger than she is, and she is just so tiny and pretty.
4. She loves her kids- even though we drove her up the wall and made her crazy- she still let us know how much she loved us, and still does.
5. I can talk to her- if I go a week without talking to my mom, I go crazy. She is always there for me. I love you Mom!

Saturday, December 05, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday Landon!

One year ago today, our sweet little boy came into our family. His big brother and big sister could hardly wait to meet him. He is such a good, sweet boy- so quick to smile! It is hard to put into words how much I love this little guy. He loves to cuddle, loves to eat, loves to watch, loves to play, loves to stick his fingers in my mouth, loves to stand up and hang onto furniture, loves to crawl on his tummy, love to follow his big sister and brother around, loves to put things in his mouth, loves to go 0utside, loves his toys, loves to laugh, loves his Daddy and Mommy. Landon, we love YOU!

I think he had more hair then than he does now!

Happy Birthday Landon!

3 months old with aunt Lexi

6 months old with Mom and Dad at Lagoon.

9 months old with Brayden and Brooklyn

Oh, Landon (almost 12 months), what a mean mom you have!! Yes, I couldn't resist sticking those flowers onto the few hairs on his head- just for a minute. At least you are GQ-ing it with your collar!


Yesterday Brooklyn, Landon and I were out shopping. When we got back to our car, I saw one of those cool little smart cars had parked next to us.

Me: Brooklyn, do you see that itty bitty car.

B: Yeah, Mom, I already saw it.

(as we are driving away)

B:Mom, I bet it has an itty bitty Mommy for it, and an itty bitty Daddy and an itty bitty kid!

This morning:

Me: Brooklyn who do you want to marry? (I ask her this because she has been talking about her friend Jackson nonstop)

Brooklyn: Brayden, because I love him.

(oh how sweet, if only she acted like she loved him too)

Last night:

Me: Brooklyn, will you put these markers away?

B: I can't mom, my arms are to sleepy.