Friday, July 30, 2010


Somebody has been having to much fun this summer. She only lasted about 5 minutes before she was out. Now if only her little brother would go to sleep.

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Monday, July 05, 2010

Brooklyn is Four!!

My sweet little Brooklyn celebrated her birthday a few weeks ago.  She decided she wanted a fairytale party with her friends.  I attempted to make a princess cake, but it ended up looking more like the dress on Sleeping Beauty before the fairies use their magic...
We had lots of fun with different "fairytale" settings (Ariel's Ocean, Belle's Ballroom, Tianna's kitchen, etc...)  We decorated the entryway to look like Cinderella's dressing table for some cute photo ops.  And of course I had to dress up as the fairy godmother)

Then we had some fun with the family...
Brooklyn's Favorites
Toy:  Cars and Ponies
Color:  Pink
Food:  Sandwiches
Movie:  My Barbie one that has horses in it
Future Occupation:  Unicorn
Favorite thing to do with dad:  Tackle
w/ mom:  Play
w/ Brayden:  pick up the garbage
w/ Landon:  play ball
Favorite place to go: Uncle Goon (Lagoon)
Things she wants to do:  go to the jungle and have a birthday party.

We love you Sis!