Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Brayden had a soccer game last night to make up for the game they missed due to rain 1 1/2 weeks ago. It was a beautiful evening. The kids did pictures- Am I a bad mom if I don't order a picture? I mean really, I could have stood behind the guy and gotten a picture that was just as good, but I ended up ordering them anyway. They all looked so cute in their big t-shirts- Go BLUE STRIKE! Then, we headed over to the field for the game.
Now, last spring, he was the youngest on his team (they were about a year older), and mostly ran behind the other kids. He was the only one that hadn't made a goal, so by the last game, the coach was telling the kids to pass it to Brayden whenever they were near the goal. He never did get a goal. He didn't seem to mind too much, as he was just happy running around on the field with his team. This fall, he is on a really big team (9 kids) with kids his own age, and it seems like it is really starting to "click." He is getting in there, blocking goals, stealing the ball (sometimes), and getting the ball down the field. Last night, his aunts TerriAnne and Tess and Uncle Ryan came to watch. Boy, he was excited when they got there and was acting like a maniac. They must be good luck, because he made his first GOAL!!! We were so excited, but not nearly as much as Brayden. I wish I would have gotten a picture of the look on his face as he high-fived his buddies. His friend Austin did a great job passing the ball to him and kick, kick, kick he scored! Great Job Brayden!!!!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Reverent Sunday

Grandpa Smith knows how to keep the kids quiet and reverent on a Sunday evening- just get them wrestling!!! They had a great time piling on grandpa and screaming as loud as they could. They had so much fun teaming up-pushing and pulling and jumping- yeah you get the picture... We're lucky to live close to family- especially when Grandpa and Grandma are this much fun.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Babysitting Brutus

Our good friends let us watch their dog while they are away. As you can see, Brutus lives up to his big name. He is the SWEETEST dog! Most of you know that I grew up with animals, especially since my dad is a vet. So to see that my children are FREAKED OUT around dogs, it really bothers me. So we, or should I say I, jumped at the chance to babysit Brutus. At first, Brayden was really mad. He said he hated Brutus...etc. I told him he didn't have to touch him, play with him or anything, just leave him alone. Well, about 20 minutes later, Brayden was downstairs, on the chair (heaven forbid Brutus jump on him) leaning over talking to him. Fast forward 5 minutes and Brayden is tossing him his toys. Five more minutes- Brayden is down on the floor, playing with him. Soon, I can't get Brayden to put him down or leave him alone. Brooklyn loves playing with Brutus too. He is very patient with the kids, and has ridden in the stroller, wagon, dump truck and shopping cart. We've had fun taking him for walks and just cuddling with him. Watching Brayden sit on the couch, holding him and talking to him has shown me why every kid needs a dog.
Imagine our stress, when we realized Brutus wasn't in the backyard this evening. We had company, and let him outside to get a break from the kids handling him. He must have squeezed through the fence and the house. We spent the next hour driving all over with the kids yelling out the window. Brutus was nowhere to be found. Luckily, our friends received a call from some people that had found him and had taken him home and they called us. So, Brutus is back and the kids are happy and I am sooo relieved! I hope they will let us watch him again. We promise not to let him out in the backyard by himself!!!!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

St. Luke's Women's Fitness Celebration!

Yeah, I was so excited for another fun 5K for the Women's Fitness Celebration. I've done it the last few years and have loved it every time. Of course, this year was a little different as I'm prego and walked (slowly I might add- thanks Makinzee for sticking with me!) and it POURED!

They said it hadn't rained for something like 59 days, so of course it had to on race day!
Here is the before picture. Notice all our sexy rain gear! Since Billy works downtown, we get to park in his garage. Of course it is so close to the starting line, that it is blocked off. We did some fancy manuvering and made it in, with one of the volunteer ladies chasing after us waving her arms like a crazy maniac. What did she think we were going to do? Drive the race route? It was pretty funny.

For some reason when I get around a lot of people, especially if I'm with my friends, and there is music, I turn into a total spaz. I kept it mostly under control this time, but had to rock out when I stood on this vent and my poncho inflated.

Here we are all finished. I didn't really take any pics during the race because it was so rainy and I didn't want to bother with my camera. Oh, and I got a high five from the Subway Jared and two people from the Biggest Loser that I recognized, but can't remember their names. So yeah, I'm pretty much famous now!

Monday, September 01, 2008

We Love Orange and Blue!

Here are the kids in their game day outfits- which for me is more fun than the actual game!!! Brayden and Billy went to the game in their matching visors- while Brooklyn and I hung out with the Smith clan. I think I might have watched a few minutes of the game on tv- I do know that they won, but they were just playing ISU, so it wasn't a huge game. Billy and Brayden had a great time together- even though Brayden spilled his new drink all down the couple of rows in front of them. We'll see if I make it to any games this year. I guess I just need to buck up, but just the thought of sitting that long is not appealing to me. I hate to miss out on the fun though.