Sunday, March 20, 2011

Christmas morning FINALLY arrived and the look on Brayden's face was my best Christmas present!  Normally, the kids open stockings first, but Brayden couldn't wait to see if Santa had read the directions he had left for him.

Stocking time

Brooklyn is our little artist, and she was thrilled with the BIG present Santa got her.  She uses it almost daily.  It folds up into a nice compact art set.  The stickers were promptly put to use decorating her dresser and doors- nice, right?
A few weeks before Christmas, we were at Best Buy and they had the game, Just Dance, on the demo thing.  She had so much fun with it, that she got it for Christmas.  Little did we know that mom and dad would play it more than her.  Her favorite is the "Monster Mash" dance.
Surprise, Surprise... Billy's gifts were nearly all sports related.  BSU stuff, mini hoop (he wanted to hang it up in our bedroom, but I had to put my foot down on that one.  Really?  He thought it would be perfect since the ceilings are vaulted.  Luckily it is going in his work office...or the garage.  I really don't remember.  I'm just glad its not part of my home decor. 
Billy spoiled me with a craft cutter (which I didn't even know I wanted until I started using it).  I also got a few other fun things, including 4 reading lights.  He is such a bargain shopper online, so he scored those on the cheap- it totally made me laugh. 
Then we had to play/unpackage the gifts.  Still can't figure out why toymakers make everything so difficult to get out of the packaging!  Have you noticed anything missing yet? 
Yes, we still have our third child, and no we didn't forget about him!  He was still asleep, and knowing that we had a big day ahead, we let him sleep.  I think he enjoyed it because he got to rip right though the presents and didn't have to wait his turn.  He loved his Thomas train- it even has one of his favorite things: "badwee" (batteries)
I made him and my niece and nephew Boise State themed ABC books. 
Then there was Lego building until mid afternoon.  Billy counted up how many pieces they put together with all of the sets, but I can only remember that it was ALOT!
Then, we headed over to Billy's parent's house and were welcomed by this little munchkin!  How cute it he!?

Friday, March 18, 2011

Christmas Eve

I don't know how many times I've tried to upload these pictures, but every time blogger would get mad at me.  So, in honor of St. Patrick's Day, here are our Christmas Eve Pictures. 
Brooklyn was my superstar wrapper.  She was actually really good, as long as she had lots of tape for all of the little pieces she used. 
That evening, we went to Billy's parent's house for Christmas eve dinner and festivities.  Grandma read a Christmas story to the kids- with interactive stickers.
Baby Chloe and her pretty momma enjoying the fun...
Big Announcements were made...
Brayden was shared his new BSU snuggie with Ellie...
The kids reenacted the Christmas Story...
We opened cousin presents... (my darling niece Ellie)
Our pretty Christmas tree after Santa made his visit... 
 And thanks to Brayden's sign, Santa knew exactly where to put his special present. 
"Santa, put DSi here"