Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Big Sis Practice

Isn't Brooklyn going to be the best big sis!!! She loves her "mimi's" (I know, we need to break her of her habit) and wants all babies to love them as much as she does! Here she is in our friend's backyard for a picnic taking care of little Katie!

Thanks Jessica for the picture and for planning the get together!

Sunday, July 20, 2008


Okay, first make your guess...... Boy or Girl.....
On Friday, Billy, Brayden and I went to the Dr.'s office for my ultrasound. I'm 19 weeks along and was thrilled that they wanted to do my ultrasound that early. I swear I was like 24 wks before I found out with Brayden.
Our Ultrasound Tech was awesome. She explained everything and seemed to check every part of our baby. It is amazing the things they are able to see. Everything looked really good and the measurements were right on track. When I'm pregnant, I always worry, but it is reassuring to see that things are okay.
The baby was really moving. It was so fun to see. I tried to upload the dvd they gave us, but I couldn't get it to work. And our scanner isn't working, so I'll have to post the pics later. Of course, it probably looks like every other ultrasound out there. :)
The only bad thing that happened was that apparently, my blood supply was getting cut off to my head!!! At the end, I started feeling really tired and sick. Then I started to get sweaty. She was trying to get a good profile shot of the baby, so I didn't want to move. But when I realized that my pinkies were going numb I said something. She had me roll on my side and I started feeling better instantly. She said she was just about to ask me how I was doing because I was apparently getting "twitchy" So, once again, this pregnancy has been different than the others! I was kind of embarrassed, but she acted like it happens all the time.
Okay, did you make your guess?

So far, Billy is 2 for 3,
Brayden is 2 for 2,
my dad is 3 for 3
and me....
yep, 0 for 3.
Of course, I was kind of right because I figured that what I thought would probably be the opposite.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Billy's First Post

I have no idea how to really post anything. Meg left her computer on and it was at this page where I could add a post so I thought what the heck.

For my first and last blog I randomly selected this photo of our family with Boise State football Coach Chris Peterson. We were at a rally type event and President Bob Kustra grabbed Brooklyn because of her BSU gear. The next thing we knew Coach Pete had Brooklyn thanks to President Kustra. It was at this time that I introduced Coach Pete to a play we use to run in high school - The Statue of Liberty play. Little did I know the ramifications it would have a few years down the road in the Fiesta Bowl.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Operation: Swimming Lessons

What would summer be without swimming? Brayden really enjoyed swimming lessons this year, mostly because one of his favorite people in the world (Callie) was one of his teachers. He is doing a lot better and actually likes going under the water now! That is HUGE for him. We went swimming today at my sister's neighborhood pool and I was trying to practice with him, and he told me, "Mom, quit trying to be a swimming teacher!!!!" Oh well, maybe he knows I really don't know what I'm talking about! :)

Can you believe my skinny little guy?

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Messy Hair and Potty Time

I had to post this picture of Brooklyn's morning hair- I just love it!!! She sleeps like her mom and wakes up with hair just like her Mommy used to when she was a little girl. The messier the hair, the better the night's sleep.

Brooklyn has started to show an interest in the potty, and with her cousin Maren's help, she had a fun time trying out the potty. She has held "it" for 2 hours when she had panties on and then actually went in the potty when I put her on it. We always have to sing, I'm so glad when Daddy comes home whenever she is on the potty. It is pretty funny. That is usually followed up by Old McDonald. I'm not sure that I'M ready to start serious potty training. It is nice going to the store without worrying about accidents, but it would be nice to be done with diapers for a few months before the baby comes. We'll see how it goes!

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Fireworks, Friends and Fun

I have loved the Fourth of July ever since I was little. I remember my dad driving to Wyoming to get the "illegal" fireworks to shoot off over the river behind our house, the tiny display at the Menan park, which soon gave way to us going to the big Maleluca fireworks in Idaho Falls.

This year we didn't have any big plans other than taking Brayden to the Boise fireworks, so I was so exited when our friends James and Charise invited us to go up to McCall with them. We stayed with her parents (who by the way have GREAT accomadations).

Our drive up there took a while when the city of Cascade chose to shut down the main highway for their parade. When we finally got there, we got settled, had lunch and took the kids to the beach front. Brooklyn wasn't too sure of the sand and it was a little chilly, but that didn't stop the rest of the kids, including Billy and James that built quite the castle/fort that lasted the whole weekend.

Then we went back for an awesome bbq of ribs and lots of other yummy stuff. I have to say that is the best I have ever eaten on the fourth. We did a few fireworks on the beach until we ran out of matches, and then sat on the docked boat and watched the firework display over the lake. It was so beautiful!!!! It was Brooklyn's first fireworks and she loved them. Brayden and M. were so cute watching the fireworks together. I can't wait for them to get married so we can put this picture in their slideshow.

The next morning Charise made and awesome breakfast (Can you tell I'm prego and love food!!!) and we headed out on a hike. I think the sign said 2 or something miles, but I'm pretty sure it was 5 since you have to add a few when it is steep- right? The kids did great and Brooklyn enjoyed riding in the back pack. When she did hike, she had to step up on every rock in the trail and then jump off and say "cool!" Even the McMullins baby (1 month old) went and slept most of the way. I don't think there is any way I'll be out hiking one month after giving birth, but Charise made it look easy.

Later that evening we went out on the boat. Brayden was THRILLED! Some day we'll have one, but until then we enjoy the charity of others :) The kids loved it as did I. You could smell the water and pine trees- just beautiful! We stopped and to my surprise Brooklyn wanted IN the water. She was so mad when Billy wouldn't dip her in any more. Then Billy bribed Brayden to jump in. What a fun weekend. Thanks McMullins for giving me one of my favorite July 4ths!

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Two Dancing Princesses...

Brayden got Brooklyn a trunk of princess dress up clothes for her birthday. She and Maren had a ball dressing up pretty and dancing. It is so fun watching them prance around in their little plastic high heel shoes.

And of course every princess needs a handsome prince!