Thursday, October 14, 2010

Book of Mormon Stories

It seems like most nights when we sit down for scripture study as a family, someone can't find their scriptures or they can't agree on who's is who's. So for family home evening, I bought 5 of the paperback Book of Mormons, and we personalized them with our own paper. The kids know these ones are to stay on the shelf. Study time has gone much more smoothly - except for the keeping ones hands to oneself while others are reading (Brooklyn). Maybe I should wrap her up too! jk. We try to keep it short, one verse (or 2 if they want), since they are still little. I also like it because it leaves us time to talk about the meanings of the verses. I've been so impressed with Brayden and his interpretations and questions. And while we don't have a perfect track record reading each night, I have seen the blessings when we do.
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Thursday, October 07, 2010

St. Luke's Women's Fitness Celebration 2010

Another year, another race.  I love doing the St. Luke's 5k every year.  Even though I am really out of shape, I signed up for the timed run.  I wouldn't have been able to do it witout my sister and friend running beside me, and even kind of pushing me up the hill :)  Hopefully I'll get my behind in gear and be able to get a good time next year.
Lexie, Charise, Teresa, Me

Landon's First Haircut

 When my hairstylist sister Desiree' came into town, I decided it was probably time to cut Landon's hair for the first time.  Even though he is almost 2, I just couldn't bring myself to cut those little curls he had behind his ears.  Sometimes he just had "old man hair" hanging over his ears, but sometimes they would curl up- it was just too cute!  He also had a spot right on top that would curl.    At first he was pretty upset with the whole haircutting idea, but with the bribe of a bottle and me holding onto him and Grandma making silly faces, he decided it wasn't so bad. 
   Now that it is cut, he looks so grown up and so much more little boy than baby.  So sad to have him growing out of the baby stage, but I love how much he is learning and growing and doing. 

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Brooklyn's Preschool

Brooklyn started preschool the beginning of September.  She is taking from my dear amazing friend, Michelle.  Someday, I will be amazing like her, but until then, I will send my daughter to her and pray that some of that "amazing" rubs off on us.  Brooklyn was especially excited because two of her best friends are in her class.  She got to pick out a "back to school" outfit.  We both loved it because it had pink and sparkleys on it. 

Normally, I would have fancied up her hair for the first day of school, but I was running late (as usual).  I also would have normally taken about a trillion pictures to capture this sweet girl's cuteness, but I dropped and broke my nice camera, and my little camera was M.I.A., so we had to settle for my phone's camera, which isn't that great. 
Isn't she a total doll?  I love this kid. 

And here she is with her wonderful teacher!  She is having a great time.  Surprisingly, Michelle (Mrs. B) said that she is really quiet in class.  But, she is having a really fun time and is enjoying all the cute crafts they have been doing.  She knows all her letters but two, and loves to write her name.  After her first day of school, she got in the car and told me "nocturnal" and then proceeded to tell me what it means.  After that, she kept saying, "what was that word I was supposed to tell you?" 

Monday, October 04, 2010

Rock Stars

A couple weeks ago, one of my BFF and her hubby came through Boise on their way back home.  Marcie and Lael are always so much fun, and it is just like old times when we see them.   We got a sitter for the kids and then headed downtown for the Boise Music Festival.  Unfortunately we were too late for the Backstreet Boys, but we did get to see Bret Michaels.  I didn't think I knew who he was, but I actually recognized some of the songs.  Lael managed to worm us nearly up to the front, and Marcie and I were able to pose like true groupies.   

and to stop the rumors before they start- I totally look preggers in this picture, but I'm not- I promise...must be the stripes....


We didn't get season tickets this year to Boise State's Football games, so we had to get our fix of blue turf when we had the chance.  We took the kids down for their scrimmage.  I hadn't been for a few years, and I couldn't believe how crowded it was.  I remember when we sat down on the lower level and there were tons of seats available.  This year, we had to climb, climb, climb to the top corner just to find a spot.  It was a lot of fun- although I never know when I should cheer during a scrimmage.  Is it good when YOUR offense scores on YOUR defense?  Landon loved clapping and cheering along with the other fans.  Then a huge windstorm came through Boise and we barely made it home alive.  Well, it wasn't quite that bad, but it was really windy!

Friday, October 01, 2010

Once Bitten, Twice Shy

I know this is horrible, but these pictures make me laugh. hard.  Brayden got a mosquito bite on his forehead and it got really swollen.  It spread across his forhead and over his eye so much that he really didn't even look like himself.  Everytime I would look at him, he would just look so pathetic, but in a really funny sort of way.  Yes, I know, I'm kind of mean that way, but I googled it and read that it was normal since there isn't a lot of tissue there, and some bites can have more of a reaction.  Poor kid.