Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Skarlish the beetle bug

We can't have a dog- she's allergic.
We can't have a cat- she's allergic. But, by golly, we can have a bug in a jar.
And baby brother might just be giving the bug kisses through the glass.

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School Daze

Say What??  Can't believe we are back into the school year...yes, one of the joys of year-round school is a nice early August start.  I have mixed feelings about this as I had a long bucket list of things I wanted to do this summer (or should I call it a lunch box list- things I want to do before I "kick the lunch box") either way, we did a few of them- mainly camping more this summer.  But, we missed the zoo, the museum, pirate park, etc...  And I love having my kids around me, not having a schedule, and being able to do what we want, when we want.  However, listening to the kids argue this morning helped ease the transition of sending Brayden off to school- ha!

 So, without further ado. Introducing my 2nd grader!
Likes- math, soccer, basketball, legos and tv
Dislikes- homework, chores, "wierdo kids" -yes, I think I need to work with him on that last one
Personal Record- staying happy while his mom made him smile for 29 photos

Handsome and Huggable

Billy was home sick from work for a few days last week.  Landon didn't mind the germs and turned Daddy into a jungle gym....
Climb on Daddy's back
Give him a hug
Start the ascent..
higher and higher
and land...

Camping Camping Camping

We went with some friends up to Pine Flats campground.  (It’s a great place if you are looking for a campground near Boise.  It even had a hot springs that you could hike to.)  We had taken the kids previously on a one night camping trip with just our little family, but going with friends made it even more fun.  As an added bonus, I only had to cook ONCE!  The kids had a blast running around, throwing and losing Frisbees.  Brayden especially loved catching itty-bitty frogs in a water bottle.  Unfortunately for me, 5 survived the ride home, so I had to create a makeshift frog aquarium.  And I hate to admit how many bugs I've tried catching just to feed the stinky things.  Billy was disappointed that he didn't catch any fish in a stocked lake, but he continued trying even on our latest campout with my parents.  Brooklyn loved running around with the kids.  They all played together so nicely, it was "almost" like having a babysitter.  Landon, well, the picture almost tells the story of how much fun he had in the dirt- almost…  He also managed to nap a little, which was nice since he didn’t sleep well in the tent at night.  It was so hot; I put the portacrib out under a tree.  After about an hour of reminding him to go to sleep every time he popped his head up, he finally fell asleep.  Meanwhile, I read a good book and enjoyed the nature all around. 
Brooklyn and Daddy
My little Racoon

Thursday, August 05, 2010

4th of July (only one month behind!)

Yeah, its a little late, but here goes our fourth of July pictures.  We had a fun day with family and ended it with fireworks with our wonderful neighbors, letting off tons of fireworks in the cul-de-sac.  It lasted longer than I thought it would.  Brooklyn didn't want to miss out on the fun by going inside to bed, so she fell soundly asleep in her daddy's arms.  Brayden was in 7th heaven running around with all the boys, jumping over smoke bombs and (with supervision) lighting fireworks.  Landon enjoyed it all from the comfort of his crib in his room, fast asleep.