Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Spring? Break

Spring???? Break
My Dad took me, Brayden and my sister snowmachining up to Mesa Falls.  It was beautiful!!!  It was so snowy- and a very WET snow- when we started, but it turned into a very nice day.  Brayden loved it especially, although he said I didn't drive crazy enough.  I think with my child on behind me, that is a good thing. 
group shot! Can you see the snow built up at the bottom of the falls?  It was gorgeous!!!
Dad and I doing making the exact same grin for the camera!
Grandpa and Brayden

Landon 16 months old

On a rare occasion, although becoming much more frequent lately, Landon does actually cry.  Usually it is because he wants something.  And when he wants something, he really lets us know it.  In this instance, he wants me.
Tactic 2: Give Mom the puppy dog look
Tactic 2 is met with success... and now we have a happy baby...(do you notice how our eye color is almost the exact same in this picture?  He does look a little like me, don't you think? 
Of course, being the youngest does have its drawbacks- older siblings always jumping in on Momma time...
and one more thing...what is it with my kids and cold cereal?????
May need to find a new place for that...

Daddy Time!

We're so glad when Daddy comes home...especially when we haven't seen him all week.  Sundays are a special day for the kids during tax season, when they pack in a week's worth of wrestling, playing, and joking with their Daddy! 
Dads have a way of playing with their kids that moms just don't, no matter how hard we might try.  For instance, when I see the cool cutouts above some of our doorways, I think, "Oh, that would be a cute place to hang my eyeball decoration for halloween...."    Billy on the other hand, sees it as a "pass through" for the kids.  And once Brooklyn sees Brayden do something, she has to give it a try as well, no matter how frightening it might be....If only I could stick her up here for timeout...she might take me a bit more seriously....