Sunday, April 13, 2008

A very fun day...

Saturday was Brayden's first soccer game! It was so fun to watch all these 5/6 year olds running around crazy. They actually kicked the ball in the right direction MOST of the time! We need to work on his lack of aggression towards the ball (I think he might get that from me) but he did great and had a big grin on his face the whole time, which is what was most important to me. I can't believe how grown up he is getting, and how independent he is. He's already asking me when his next game is!

After soccer, Billy went in to work his LAST tax season Saturday. Brayden decorated plastic cups with Brooklyn and cousin Maren. They made little faces on them, and then we planted wheat seeds so that when the seeds grow, they will look like little people with crazy hair. I'll post pictures when they grow.

Next, Brayden, Brooklyn and I went to Maggie Moo's for ice cream. I had promised Brayden ice cream after his game, but the place didn't open until noon, so we had a yummy dessert after lunch.
When we got back, Brooklyn went down for a nap and so did I. Brayden came in and asked if he could lay down with me. Not wanting to be disturbed, I told him he had to not move and keep his eyes closed. He actually fell asleep for a little while, and so did I. I love lazy Saturdays! Next week will probably be yard work since Billy will be home.

That evening we drove downtown, picked up some dinner and Billy from his office, and headed to the park. It was sooo nice outside. Really beautiful. We had a nice picnic and then played at the playground. Then, Billy went back to work and we went home, did baths, and went to bed. What a nice day.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

My Little Prince

This morning Brayden woke up at 7- way to early for me! He cuddled in my bed while Billy got ready for work. Then Brooklyn woke up early too, so I had both little cuddlebugs with me. Oh, so sweet! Brayden disappeared for a while and I could hear him clanging around downstairs. A few minutes later, he came up with a glass of milk and a Special K bar (my breakfast of choice) so I could have breakfast in bed!!!! Billy took the kids down for breakfast, and I enjoyed a nice quiet breakfast in bed- on a regular old THURSDAY! What a sweet boy I have! Thank you Brayden for doing something special for me. I love you!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

April Fools

Okay, so I was thinking about writing something outrageous that happened to us- we won the Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes, we're pregnant, we're moving, the tax deadline has been moved up a week (I wish), but I knew no one would fall for it.
Then I was going to make a Kitty Litter Cake and take it to Billy's work, but then I thought I shouldn't be preparing food for a bunch of very busy people that HAVE to work a ton for two more weeks, since Brooklyn has the stomach flu and who knows if I'm contagious.
I was all out of ideas. I needed to play a trick on someone, but WHO!!???? Then my dear sweet little 5 year old,trusting and innocent, came in the room. "Brayden do you want to do a trick?"

okay... read on if you want to find out how to
do a funny trick on your kids or hubby....
Billy, if you are reading this, STOP, because
I want to do it to you tonight!


You blind fold the person sitting in the chair. Give them several easily identifible objects, ie. spoon, toy car, marble, having them guess each object as you give it to them. The last is an egg. After they have guessed "EGG" you take a wet, wadded up, paper towel and smashed the paper towel on their head. It feels like you've smashed the egg on their head.

"Mom, why did you do that?" "Don't worry honey, it was just water, see? Isn't that so funny?"
Lucky for me, my son has a sense of humor and loved it!