Saturday, January 17, 2009

With a new baby, we don't get out much, so we've had to get creative with things to do to entertain the kids...

Shout out to Mom and Dad

So, my jet-setting parents were in Costa Rica when Landon was born. Luckily, they had internet access, so they were able to keep updated on his arrival. They never check their email at home, so I was sure they would miss out on the news that he was born until they got back. I was very happy when I got an email from them telling me that they got the pictures and had shown them to the hotel staff! Two days after they got back, my dad had surgery on his foot, then mom had a dr. appt for her knee (are they falling apart?!) , then it was Christmas. So, it was a few weeks until they were able to come. They stayed for 2 days, and it was so much fun. My dad was a trooper and watched Landon so we could run to Target, even though his foot was still in recovery. Landon loved Grandpa holding him. Then my mom came back the next Monday and stayed for a week. Can I just say how awesome my mom is? We got so much stuff done, got my house and laundry back under control. It felt so nice to get things done, sleep in in the morning, and just hang out. Yea for Moms and Dads!

funny story about this picture- when Brayden was about 2 months old we went to Arctic Circle and he got fussy. My mom let him suck on the bottom part of her ice cream cone- just the cone part. All of a sudden he got really excited- he had made it through the cone and was getting soft serve ice cream! Ever since then, I've given my mom a bad time about her feeding my kids. So, when she had a milkshake, she had to offer it to Landon!

Little Landon, 4,5,and 6 weeks

Landon at 4 weeks-how cute is he???!!?!!

Landon at 5 weeks with mommy- he's starting to half-smile (and yawn) and able to focus on the person he loves the MOST!

Landon at six weeks...

he can sneeze....
and smile....
and yawn!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Shopping sans kids!

Billy's mom came to watch the kids while I went to my 6 week appt and told me to take my time coming home. How sweet is she? and how lucky am I! Of course, when you have time to kill, the best place to head is Target.
Well, I just had to pass it on that they are having a killer deal on their women's clothing-clearance 50 to 75% off and then an additional 30%. Also, they had little girl shoes for 3.75 and 4.25, so you might want to stock up. I know I did! Happy Shopping!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Walking with DINOSAURS!

Last night we took the kids and my mom (who left today-boo hoo :( to the Walking with Dinosaurs show at the Idaho Center. As Brayden said at the end, "THAT WAS TOTALLY AWESOME!!!!" Brooklyn loved it to and kept talking to the dinosaurs when they would come out, "That dinosaur not eat me. He is nice." "Bye Bye Dinosaur" Then she would grab me around the neck and point out everything, not stopping until I repeated what she was showing me, "Yes Brooklyn, that is a big rock. Uh, huh, I see that baby dinosaur." Had Billy and I gone by ourselves, it would have been cool, but seeing it with your kids, watching them cheer and go bananas as each giant robot dinosaur came out was priceless!
And thanks to google images since I remembered my camera, but the batteries were dead. typical.

Friday, January 02, 2009

My baby is SIX!!!

I can't believe my first born is already six years old. The first few months of his life just seemed to drag by- he was a super fussy baby, didn't sleep and Billy was in tax season. Needless to say, we had lots of time to bond. Now, looking back, it seems impossible that so many years have passed. He had a great birthday at Grandma and Grandpa Smith's house. One nice thing about Christmas time b-days is all your family is around.

This picture is a little creepy, but so funny. Here Brayden is practicing some "anakin moves".
Brayden also had a "friend" birthday at the first of the month, three days before Landon was born. I told my dr. the baby HAD to wait until after Tuesday!
Some things I love about Brayden:
He is always super enthusiastic- it can be any little thing, but he makes it fun.
He has worked hard in school and is beginning to read. We have lots of fun reading Star Wars chapter books together.
He is an awesome big brother. He knows how to tease, how to play nice and do all the things that big brothers are supposed to do.
He hates doing chores. (okay maybe I don't love that, but it is soooo him.)
He has a goldfish that is over 1 year old named Jeffrey. Jackson died shortly after we got him.
He loves Star Wars, transformers, riding his bike, playing xbox and wii, building lego spaceships, having friends over, dressing up as star wars characters, oh, and did I mention he loves Star Wars.
He has an incredible memory. He can remember things that neither Billy nor I can.
When he was little, he could spot a tractor, police car etc. from nearly a mile away!
He gives the best hugs and loves to cuddle.
He likes to run and twist his fingers through my hair, although he doesn't do it nearly as much anymore.
Happy Birthday Brayden!!!