Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Landon Landon I haven't forgotten

I know it may seem so my dear little one, but I haven't forgotten you. So you don't feel neglected darling, here are some pictures of you...

Watching your big bro playing soccer 5 1/2 mo.
Landon with Grandma Smith at Eagle Island State Park- check out his blankie hat!
almost 7 months You love your big boy food! 6 1/2 months

Riding on the train at Lagoon 6 months
One handsome guy! 6 1/2 months

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

She's THREE!

My sweet and sassy little girl is THREE! I can't believe it! She got a darling short haircut from my friend Teresa. Then that evening, we had a get-together with family and friends at Eagle Island State Park. It was a lot of fun- we even had boat rides thanks to Uncle Ryan.paddling around with uncle Ryanher very own laptop computer from Grandmaall wrapped up
Then she had a little party with some of her friends the next day. We had a LUAU theme, and it was so cute and fun.Eating fruit shikabobs! however it is spelled ;0
and unwrapping gifts
and blowing out the candles

She had a marvelous time with all her friends. I love summer birthdays! We

played pin the fish on the hook, swam in the pool and lots of other fun things.

10 things I love about Brooklyn

1. She has the cutest little rosebud mouth

2. She is very aware of others feelings and wants everyone to "be happy"

3. She has a silly sense of humor- especially anything that involves saying the word poop.

4. She allergic to nuts (I don't love that) but is soooo good about not eating any, even when we're eating chocolate that was "processed in a facility with nuts" she doesn't complain when she can't have any.

5. She really has a sweet and happy disposition. She almost always has a smile on her face. On Sunday, Billy had to wake her up. He said that even before she opened her eyes, she got a big grin on her face.
6. She is sassy. Yes, unfortunately (and fortunately) she has a lot of spunk and has come into her own wanting things done her way. This can be both a good thing and a bad one. In one sense, I love to see her independence. However it sometimes turns into disobedience :)Although after a quick timeout, she is usually sorry and ready to listen.
7. She loves to sing and dance. I often find her singing the "Sleeping Beauty" song and dancing around- "I know you, I walked with you once upon a dream..." and I have to dance with her when she tells me to, because I am the "prince".
8. She loves to turn her head back and forth when she is undressed and feel her hair on her back. It is so cute because I remember doing that when I was a kid.
9. She loves her brothers. She has to hold her own but loves to play rough with her big brother and is so sweet and gentle with her little brother.
10. She is so beautiful. I don't know if it is her dark eyes with her blond hair, and that darling grin, but she is such a doll.
Brooklyn- we love you sis! Thank you for bringing such so much sunshine into our home!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Lagoon Part 2

Yikes! This is from so long ago!!!! I uploaded the pictures, but am just barely getting around to posting these. If you see the guy in the black shirt next to a little blonde head, that is Billy and Brooklyn. I thought Brooklyn was so brave to go on the pirate ship. She really liked it and went on it a couple times. You can tell from the clouds in the sky it got pretty stormy that day. We ended up getting caught in a HUGE downpour. I was with Brooklyn over in the kiddy boats when it started. I ran and got her out of the boat and we ran to the bathrooms and hid out in there for about 20 minutes. Billy had Landon and Brayden and made a run for it with the stroller back to the camping site. My sister Desi was sweet and came and picked Brooklyn and I up at the entrance so I wouldn't have to carry her all the way back to the camp site. Here is Desi and Brayden on the swings. Desi is moving with her hubby Pete to Arizona. I don't know what I'll do with out her when we come home to visit. The kids ADORE her.

Oops- sorry Billy- didn't realize this was such an awesome picture of you. This is the one ride Landon went on- the little train that takes you past the really stinky animals. He had fun on it though and was such a little trooper the whole time- even though he was stuck in the stroller for most of it. He even did great sleeping in the tent.

So, in 12 more years watch out because these two will be on the road.
They are some crazy drivers! (Brooklyn and cousin Maren)

This was Brayden's favorite ride. The whole time he was saying "This is totally awesome! This is the best vacation ever! This is totally awesome!"

Brooklyn is really into ponies right now, so she was so excited to go on the merry go round. I couldn't talk Billy into hopping on one though :(

So even though it was on the cooler side, we decided to ride on this one. Somehow, Brooklyn and I ended up right under the water fall. I pulled her under me and shielded her with my body and saved her curly pig tails. THAT is motherly love!

Isn't my mom the cutest thing ever?

And this is kind of a family tradition- but check Brayden out(bottom left corner), he totally had the "look." The end.