Thursday, August 28, 2008

Cousins make the bestest friends....

Dear Mom and Dad, I am having lots of fun. I ate a BIG breakfast of cheerios and nanas.

And played peekaboo with Brooklyn

And danced in fancy shoes...

And even got the mail! I love you and am having a good time. Love, M

Monday, August 25, 2008

Prego Belly

Okay, I kept meaning to get a picture of my belly in the first trimester, but that never happened, so here is a 24 and 1/2 week (but whose counting :) picture. Thanks to Charise for loaning me her maternity clothes!

It's Scrimmage Time

Are you ready for some FOOTBALL???!!!!!!
Yep, it's time to get out your blue and orange! Last Saturday we went to the BSU scrimmage. It was fun, except for the blinding sun in our eyes.... They had the shaded side shut down, I'm guessing it was due to the new sky boxes (see pic). Yeah, that one up on the 50 yard line is ours- ha ha ha- in Billy's dreams. It was a good warm up for the season as I realized I don't know how many games I can actually sit through with two kids crawling all over my pregnant belly. (Notice how I ended up holding both the kids for the pic?) Anyway, good luck Broncos!

Friday, August 15, 2008

St. Luke's Women's Fitness Celebration

It's coming up soon and it's going to be a BLAST!!!!! Call your girlfriends and sign up for the St. Luke's Women's Fitness Celebration. I have set up a team- GINGERCREEK GEMS.

You can print out a registration form or register online at and can check out all the info that you might need as well.

Race Date: SEPTEMBER 20
Wave: PURPLE (noncompetitive run/walk division I signed our team up for, but you can sign up for another wave if you would like)
Team Registration Deadline: SEPTEMBER 5 (if you forget you can still register as an individual, but you won't get the team discount)
T-shirt/number pick-up: Women's Show (it is awesome) September 18-19 at the Boise Center on the Grove.
Also, plan on meeting up for lunch at Red Robin on Eagle after the race so we can drag out our Girl's Day a little longer! :) I hope to see you all there. This is the 4th year I've done it, and it is always fun. So, pass along the email to your "gals" and don't forget to SIGN-UP!

Sign up HERE!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Brayden's First Day of School

Brayden's First Day of School. By Brayden and Mommy Smith

Brayden: First we sat at the table and learned what you do, and what star you are. I am on the green star. We went for recess in the park. And that's all I can remember

Mom: How did you feel waiting to go into your class?

Brayden: I felt kind of scared and lonely without my mommy standing by me. Kind of scary.

Mom: How did you feel when you went in your class?

Brayden: Kind of scared. But not the whole time, just half of the time.

Mom: Tell me about the library.

Brayden: I got a chicken book. fun and cool.

Mom: Did you make new friends?

Brayden: Yes

Mom: Tell me about your friends.

Brayden: I don't know about them. I didn't ask them what they are about. There was lego star wars shirt and he was my favorite boy. The end. Now I am finished.

Mom: Can you tell me something about your teacher?
Brayden: No
Mom: Please
Brayden: Fine. I have the best teacher. The end.
Mom: But, what do you like best about her?
Brayden: "That she has the best toys ever... blah..blah.blah..blah...blah!"
So that was Brayden's first day of kindergarten. I guess I will never know exactly what his first day was like! He was really excited and I could tell he was nervous by the look on his face as he was waiting to go in. It was much more emotional dropping him off than I thought it would be. I guess it just felt like the end of something so precious- those unscheduled days, spending lots and lots of time together, and me knowing everything that goes on in his day. But, I suppose it also is an exciting beginning for him- something all his own, a new adventure, growing up. When his teacher came out, I could feel my eyes well up. Luckily I had my sunglasses on so he couldn't tell. It was a wierd feeling handing him over to this woman that doesn't know him, doesn't know what an awesome, sweet kid he is- Someone that I know will love him, but not the way I do.
Brooklyn, however, did not hold back any emotion as she started crying when he walked into his classroom. "Brayden, Brayden, Brayden..." over and over. It was so sweet and sad at the same time. Luckily for me, my attention turned to reassuring her, and it made it easier for me. She continued crying the entire way home- just saying his name over and over. She really does love him. I must admit that as she was taking a nap this afternoon, I really did enjoy the peaceful quiet. :)
When we came to pick up Brayden, I could tell he had a GREAT first day!!! I love you bud!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My sister's wedding: Part 3

Here are pics from Desi's reception. Everything was black and pink- so cute. I promise this is my last post about the wedding, but I couldn't stand to not show how great her reception turned out to be. Above- my sweet Daddy and my niece Evie (happy 1st b-day) Also, thanks to my sweet sis-in-law Anna Smith for the giant 20x40 ft tent (since it had been raining the 2 nights before the wedding.) If you live in Eastern Idaho (or anywhere really) look up Signature Party Rentals, where she works. They have everything- including the cute black and pink chair covers we used and the tableclothes.
The "Flower Girls" in their little Tutu's! Look Maren, you can't even tell you are crying.
Brooklyn and cousin Evie. Another shout out to my other sister in law- Mindy Bramwell for making the adorable tutu's. She sells them, but I can't remember the website name, I'll have to post that later.
The reception line out on the deck behind my parent's house.
My parents added the pergola and patio right before the wedding. It looked really cool with the lights and stuff, but I didn't get any super pics of it. That is my sweet Uncle Kit in the cowboy hat (my dad's twin).
Sistas! Angie, Desi and Me!

My mom made this cake! Did you know you can buy frosting by the bucket at Sam's???!!!
The Bride and Groom.
Brayden and Pete's nephew doing "moves"

Okay, that's it for the wedding stuff. It was such a fun time, mostly just hanging out with my Mom, Dad, and siblings. It was amazing all the stuff we got done because there were so many of us. I really have a great family. Desi and Pete, I hope you have a wonderful, fabulous life together!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Desi's Wedding Pics

When she asked me to do these, I was pretty freaked out, because I really DON'T know what I'm doing. Luckily for me, they were photogenic so they turned out great! Congratulations Desi and Pete!!!!!!! How cool is it that they were married on 8-8-08.

Desi's Bridal Pictures

Here are the Bridal Pics I took of my sister Desiree'. Isn't she gorgeous?!!!!


Wednesday, August 06, 2008

The Pretty Petals

My friend Suzanne and her sister have started a super cute hair bow/hat/headband/flower business. Here is Brooklyn wearing a darling handmade big pink flower.

Check out Suzanne's site at Also, if you look in their gallery, there is another pic of Brooklyn wearing her little pink flowers in pigtails- so cute. Good Luck Suzanne!!!!

Friday, August 01, 2008

The Bill Smith Family Reunion

Sorry if this is kind of long, but this blog is hopefully going to be a journal of some sort of the things we do together. So, read on.... We just got back a few days ago from the Smith Family Reunion with Billy's parents and siblings and kids. We actually went to Albion, Idaho- and yes, if you've never heard of it, you are not alone. It was actually really cool as the reunion was located on a old abandoned college campus, that has been bought and is being renovated. This is the building we stayed in. It has tons of bedrooms (18 or something crazy like that) and a big kitchen and game room. The guy that owns it took us on a tour of the other buildings. They are crazy old and dilapidated. This is the ceiling in one of the buildings- yikes! It should be an awesome place when it is finished. There is an auditorium, gymnasium, dorms etc....

We had an awesome lip sync talent show. Without Brayden, ours would have been a flop since we didn't really know the words, but he hammed it up and made it fun. We couldn't pick a song, and then he told us he wanted to do the "Jet" song from West Side Story. I think he thinks it is about real jets and he likes how we got to snap our fingers. Here are Mom and Dad Smith singing a duet!

We spent tons of time outside as the weather was gorgeous. Grammie was sweet and rented the giant water slide for us. Since I'm prego, I only went down on it when it was dry- and that was to get Brayden to try it. The boys (the adult boys I mean) were crazy and had all sorts of games etc going on-like trying to kill each other :) We also did a geocaching gps game, played in the pool, hot tub, frisbee golf, ice cream runs, and even got pedicures from the 12 year old girl whose parents own the place. Here are the two pregnant ladies relaxing. And if I do say so, my toes look adorable!

Mostly it was fun just hanging out with the family and getting to see the niece/nephew and brothers and sisters that we don't get to see very often. I really lucked out when I married Billy and got a great family- And it has just gotten better as each sibling has gotten married.

Sara, Terri, Me and Tess (Jamie, where were you?)

Brooklyn and Macey

Adam, Sara, Billy roasting marshmallows

Sam on the slid

e... standing.

Billy trying to stand on the slide...

Hanging out in the kitchen