Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Landon

My baby turned 2!  I guess he's not really a baby anymore, but we'll just pretend he still is.  He celebrated his big day by going to church and doing puzzles in nursery.  Then he took a nap in prepartion for his party that night! 
He and his cousin Ellie are only a few days apart, so they celebrated together.  And yes, Ellie is only 5 days younger, even though she looks 5 months younger.  If you listen to her talk though, you would think she was five years old!  Landon's vocabulary mostly consists of bah-be (baby), mommy, doggie, and a few others.  He's the strong silent type!
He loves balls, cars, books, and pushing the doll stroller around.  He loves following his big sister around, and copying his big brother.
He loves to make car noises.
He loves his daddy and always runs and shouts when he comes home. 
He loves candles and blowing them out.  He learned on his birthday that candles are hot and his momma is a little slow.  He loves the app on my phone that has a little candle he can blow out. 
And he really, really loves his mom!
and cake!

and a little look back to his newborn days
Aside from playing with toys, he also loves to scare people.  He says "boo!" in a cute little voice and will keep saying it until he gets the reaction he wants.  He loves to read his "doggie" book before naps.  He is still a good sleeper and sleeps with his gorilla and blankie and sucks on his two fingers. 

He likes most food and thinks he is a big boy, especially when he cleans up (a trait that probably won't last much longer) his toys, dirty diapers and shoes.   

He does not like his brother and sister getting in his space and lets them know loudly and quickly.  He does not like when mom doesn't understand what he is saying, when dogs come up to him, or
 when his mom won't let him type on the computer. 

Landon is our little sweetheart.  He is full of love and loves sharing hugs and kisses.  I especially treasure our little bedtime routine that we have.  He will snuggle up on my shoulder while I sing him "goodnight sweetheart."  He doesn't mind that I only know the chorus.  Sometimes he'll sit up and give me a kiss and then lay back down on my shoulder.  Othertimes he'll pat my back while I pat his.   This little routine we have is sometimes the only one on one time that I have with him, and it makes it difficult to actually lay him down to sleep.  I could cuddle that kid forever if my arms could handle it. 

Happy Birthday Sweetheart!

Thanksgiving at the Bramwell's: 2010
kid table
big kid table
 drinks (mormon style)
 mash potatoe mountain
not pictured:
card games
more food
white elephant exchange

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Snowy Adventures

As you can tell on the old school date stamp on these pictures, we were able to celebrate the first real snow the end of November.  (I guess I need to check my camera's settings)  We bundled up the kids and watched them from inside.  Yeah, I'm  nice like that.  Brooklyn enjoyed stomping around on phase one of the play structure we are building. 
 Landon was so excited.  He kept saying "Snow," which if you know how little he speaks, was really impressive. 

When his big brother and sister went to play in the front yard, he just stood there for probably 5 minutes until I made Billy go get him.  Yeah, I'm nice like that.  I'm not sure what he was doing, if he was enjoying the snow, too bundled up to move, or just chillin'. 
 Of course, we had to finish off with hot cocoa!